Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day

To every woman who wakes up at 7 a.m. after only laying down at 5:30a.m. to get her baby ready for school

To every woman who irons clothes half sleep while attempting to guide her child to a sock, of which the location of, she is not really quite sure

To the woman who simultaneously cooks, cleans, and helps with homework assignments

Who has panicked at every fall of the first child while barely turning a head for the fall of each one after

Who rushes her little one to the doctor because they have a cough that doesn’t sound like what she thinks is quite normal

To each woman who has slept with a titty hanging outside of her shirt so that she could get more than two hours of sleep, while her baby continued to eat

Who, herself, went without eating to ensure her babies were full

Who endured relationships unbearable, in thoughts of creating a stable home

She, who has been covered in spit, vomit, and shit

Who, despite the amount of disgust, has used her mouth, to suck snot from the nose of her congested child because she could not find the pump

To every woman who has turned her child’s question into the threat that got them back in order

Who has doubled as a mom, coach, cheerleader, chauffeur, guinea pig for projects, best friend, and worse enemy

To every mother who has cried in agony of their child leaving this world before them, as well as those who have cried in the joy of witnessing their little boy or their little girl walk across the stage becoming little men or little women

Happy Mother’s Day to all of us who endure motherhood without complaint.

No we don’t do everything quite right, but we do just what is needed to ensure our babies have a great life

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