Casket Sharp or Dumpster Ready

Most parents would agree that their children should never leave this world before them. No mother or father should ever have to surrender to the heartache of having to bury their children.

Well, the parent’s of Alexandrea Clark certainly added a twist to this old saying when they allowed their daughter to show up at her 2018 prom in a casket.

Yes, you read correctly. Clark, a student at Americus Sumpter High School, went viral on social media after deciding to make her grand entrance to the prom in a hearse. As the door to the funeral car opened, it was revealed that she had, in fact, arrived in a coffin.


According to an article written in The Grio, Clark’s intention was to send a message about the dangers of drinking and driving on prom night to her fellow school mates. In addition, she wanted to promote the career she intended on persuing once she graduated high school.

Though a positive message was the goal, Clark, unfortunately received a lot of backlash regarding this.

The commenters were very clear about their disgust toward her decision. They felt she did nothing more than show up in a not so show stopping dress, and make a mockery of the dead.

Most agreed that there was nothing moral or orthodox about her choice.

It seems that there are no limits to the measures this generation will go to gain attention. They must fall asleep each night counting each thumbs up as it carelessly travels, as leaping sheeps, over their heads.

Up until now, I thought I’d seen it all. I’ve seen people have sex on facebook, people fighting, dancing, stealing, singing, doing make-up tutorials, eating, vacationing, and doing hair. Never, in my existence, would I have ever imagined that a very much alive person would choose a hearse and casket as a mode of transport to a prom.

True, she had a noteworthy message, but can it honestly be said that she had no other way to bring awareness to drinking and driving.

This, in my opinion was too much and completely inappropriate for occassion.

My great grandmother always told me that there was a time, place, and season for everything. This definitely had no justification to neither.

Full article can be found at the following link.


(Photos courtesy of facebook)

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