This Shit

By: Tondia Shotwell

This is that real shit
That good shit
That fuck you so good you won’t know what to do shit
That shit that will have you holding my ass and with all of your might trying to push me through that shit
As you moan and I watch you climax again
And again
And again
That shit that will make your back arch your toes point and your heart change its pace
That shit that’ll make you grab the pillow and cover your head so as you cum.. I don’t see your face
This shit right here
He said
Would make me forget my name
Would have me bowing down in praise to his stroke game
Crying yes your highness and over my kingdom he would reign
And as he continued
Humping and pumping so proudly with no shame
I just laid there
Oh yeah daddy
Right there daddy
I wish his dick was as good as his talk game

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