Your Cellphone and Me

Your Cellphone and Me

By.:Tondia Shotwell
If I were your cell phone imagine how great our relationship would be
You would always keep me close by
Never wanting me to leave your side

You would guard me and protect me with all of your might
Ensuring my safety and security both day and night
I would never have to ask you to check on me because you would look at me every minute or so just to make sure no one had messaged me
No one had fondled me
No one had callously placed their hands upon my body touching me in any kind of way
I wouldn’t have to ask you to talk to me because we would be in constant conversation
Every hour
Every minute
Every second of the day
The vibrations through the canals of my inner drums would be so loud as to imitate the African drummers tapping their snares in the festivals of the motherland
My mind would receive no rest
for the boat that carries the weight of your words would only dock long enough for a bathroom break
Leaving me only enough time to prepare to process your utterances to follow but cutting short the moments for which I needed to soak up what I already had
I would close my eyes as I began to rub down my neck
My breast
My stomach
My thighs
For the warmth of your breath moving across my body passing over the finest of hairs would place me in a trance
Giving me the illusion that we were always in the state of love making
I wouldn’t have to ask you to hold me because your hands would always be wrapped around me
Nor kiss me because your lips would always be upon me
I would be your confidant
Your muse
Your day
Your night your breeze on a summers day …….your sun and moonlight
Your trusted friend upon whom you laid all of your cares without hesitation or fear of rebuttal
We would be then what we aren’t now…………..
I am far from being your phone
Our conversations cut short because your anticipation of the message coming through overshadows the importance or none importance of what I have to say
Thrice have I changed my attire but you have yet to notice or even look my way
because in the hours that we have been talking, I was only worth one, two second glance
Attempting to allude me toward the notion that I may actually have your attention
That I may actually be worth your time

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