I sit


squeezing my thighs together as tightly as I can

biting my lip

arching my back as I throw my head back

I close my eyes

I inhale deeply


exhaling slowly

I need it so bad

I stand… start to pace back and forth


and forth

I sit down again

I turn to nickelodeon on the tv

hahahahaaaaaaa…..that damn SpongeBob know he a trip

one leg stretches across the couch while the other one sways, bent knee, from side to side

I stretch

You know what!…….Fuck SpongeBob

I say this while my hand relieves my brain of the duty of being in control, rubbing itself across the bridge of my boyshorts


that felt kind of nice

my hand may know what it’s doing

it rubbed a few times more

ha that sponge….

The other leg begins to spread to the other side of the couch


I’m not going to do this

This is not what I want

This won’t give me the satisfaction I seek

But damn! It feels so good!

I’m not suppose to be making myself feel this way

It’s just not right

It’s just so





there has to be something else to watch on tv



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