Let's Sip On That

To Drink or Not To Drink? That is the question

body.pngThis post obviously piggybacks off of my previous post, False Advertisement.

The last two decades has definitely seen a rise in the abundance of catchy slogans.  We had YOLO, first appearing in 2004, but made popular by Drake after using it in one of his songs. Netflix and Chill saw its light in 2014 after a tweet from @itsIsaaaaaaac. YAS, one of the many I found so annoying, apparently grew in popularity after being used in a song by Lady Gaga. Lastly, but certainly not least, the infamous On Fleek, which was an accidental happening that became popular in 2014 after Kayla Newman, a teenager, made a Vine post saying that her eyebrows were “on fleek”. Embarrassingly enough, I must admit, that until recently, I had no clue what anyone meant when they said something was on fleek. LOL! Please know that my ignorance toward the meaning of these phrases was by no means a reflection of me not being socially inclined; however, for a reason unknown to me none of these phrases ever felt right coming out of my mouth. Lol!

Which brings me to the influx in the use of the word thirsty. I can not count the number of posts I have seen from women calling men thirsty, and men making posts asking why women call them thirsty for simply responding to their posts. I can truly say that  I, in this instance, agree with both sides. If a man responds to a post in which a woman portrays herself half naked, why does that immediately make him thirsty? Were those pictures not placed on social media to produce likes and hearts? If the comments received denote thirst, then why not put only face shots or shots where your body is completely covered?

Now, there are instances where men and women alike jump in the DM of others for the sole purpose of saying “hey, I like you”. The person is immediately thrown into a thirst pot. Is one expressing admiration for another frowned upon in this day in time? Does the fact that the appreciation came through your DM and not in person affect how the comment or gesture is received? Or, is your claim of thirst on the part of another just another ploy to generate likes.

Speaking from my own experiences, I can say that some people can be a little extra. A couple of years back, while modeling locally, I would post some of the pictures I would take. The messages I would receive in my inbox would hit on a range of

“Aww thank you. You’re so kind” to “Dude you are gross and please don’t inbox me again”.

Still, I wouldn’t have gone as far as to call these individuals thirsty. People generally have different ways of expressing themselves. I also understood that different people respond to different stimuli. While some women respond to the “Yo baby you so thick….when you gone let me hit that”, others will quickly turn their noses up because they demand a more respectful approach. However, since more women seem to settle for the “yo baby”, men seemingly give what they assume we want.

Let’s not get things misconstrued, there are some people who actually want and set so called “thirst traps” to get this unwanted attention, while there are others who post for a simple a like. Whatever the reasoning may be, I say, you post to attract the attention you want. If you are constantly posting nude photos, then you are going to attract those who more often than not, only see you as a as sex opportunity.

So I say, post to receive the respect you want, and men, please tone down on some of these comments because they are just gross.

Now, we can all sip on that.

Lady Tee

(slogan facts from business insider)



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